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While kicking off our creative journey at Atelier By STORiES, we have invited three local drawing artists to hand-draw their stories on SAYE Modelo '89 vegan sneakers. Each drawing is a testament to their unique path as independent artists. Don't miss out on these captivating local tales and immerse yourself in Hong Kong's vibrant creative spirit.


Moving Drawing


Charlotte, Moving Drawing, could not stand her talent being stagnant and wanted to express her creative more. Starting her drawing any time on the subway, her drawings have brought true joy to us.

"Moving Drawing has two meanings. The first refers to the time I take to go to work, while the second meaning represents the desire to move forward and not remain stuck in the past."


By starting her drawing during every subway trip, she records every small detail within the subway station and delivers her work to the character in her drawing. This led to numerous unforgettable memories.


At one time, Charlotte captured a station worker cleaning at Admiralty Station in her drawing and then presented the artwork to her. The station worker was delighted to see it and even approached to understand her creativity. 

"I never imagined that when I give strength, positivity, and happiness, it would also come back to me."


In the future, she aims to spread her positivity and creativity through exhibitions and books. She wants to incorporate more colors to convey even greater love and expand the scope of her drawings beyond just the subway, possibly reaching beyond Hong Kong.


Create #MYSAYE


By inviting Charlotte to STORiES store, she was able to fully capture the warm-hearted scene she found inside the store through her drawings on SAYE shoes.


"I really want to capture the excitement when the staff members introduce their favorite pieces to the customers. And everyone works together as a team throughout the entire store."

Charlotte has even captured the interactions in her sketching. Click here to see her beautiful drawings at STORiES.


"The color of SAYE makes it perfect to pair with any outfit. However, what is most important to me is that it breaks the boundaries of my creativity when drawing in three dimensions with these sneakers." 

Charlotte takes great pride in her drawings on SAYE shoes, as they transform into wearable art and make her drawing come alive.


With these three talented local artists, our SAYE sneakers have transformed into irreplaceable pieces that promote the creativity we should value. Don't miss out on our special customization  services to make your SAYE sneakers even more unique. Click here to get your own pair and create something special.



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