Curated By: Bebe Mak

Curated By: Bebe Mak

Our second interview features local stylist Bebe Mak, who emphasizes the importance of balance in every outfit and takes a holistic approach to styling. Check out our lookbook for her fashion recommendations and get inspired to elevate your style game


Bebe's Fashion Paradigm


“When I just started out in society, I aimed to maximize the potential of each item in my wardrobe. Seeking unique outfits, I discovered the unlimited potential for mixing and matching different styles.”


Starting with a simple idea, Bebe began trying to make the most of each of her purchases. This led her to explore the vast world of styling and helped her develop a better sense of fashion.


When it comes to Bebe's style, it could be described as "variable glam." With countless fashion styles at her disposal, it's impossible to summarize her aesthetic in just one phrase. (Instagram@bebemaklm)


"Sometimes celebrities or influencers' outfits may be trendy, but not practical for everyone. That's why I prefer to choose clothes that are both glamorous and accessible to all. Even when helping with editorial shoots, I strive to create art pieces while also making sure that the outfits are relatable to the audience and can be worn in everyday life."


  Bebe focuses on the styling method rather than following the hottest trends. She aims to accentuate one's unique advantages while also incorporating the latest fashion to maintain a sense of individuality. Check out her work here.(Instagram@bebemaklm)


"Ballet core is one of the trends I really like this year, the trend has highlighted the feminine side of women while still being relaxed and comfortable."



"Another trend to consider is floor-length dresses and coats. While some might think this doesn't work for Asian women, it can actually create an illusion of elongation when the dress drapes on the floor."

Bebe shared her favorite trends of the year and how our lookbook has featured these elements by styling Letter From Moon’s items. Keep up on her Instagram and update yourself. (Instagram@bebemaklm)


To avoid common styling mistakes, Bebe has shared some valuable insights.


"As someone who likes to see a cohesive outfit, shoes are a crucial element and it's important to avoid making mistakes. The selection of shoes can ruin an entire look if chosen incorrectly."


Bebe believes that styling is not just about looking good or bad - there's no right or wrong way to do it. Check out Bebe's fashion sense and see how she can make the most of a pair of shoes.(Instagram@bebemaklm)


Bebe’s Pick at STORiES


"The lookbook gives me a feeling of chic and laid-back style. All the items are easy to mix and match, and although there are 30 styles in total, they can be remixed to create a completely new look."


What is your favorite style from the lookbook?


"The androgynous look strikes a balance between contrasting femininity and strong appearance. Genderless pieces have made it to showcase the beauty of a woman."


Pick one outfit in the lookbook you think it will be the next trend in Hong Kong. 


"Glamorous and casual styles are combined in one outfit, such as pairing a soft blouse top with a heavy leather jacket. This outfit creates a striking contrast that we expect to see more of in Hong Kong."




Pick three outfits from the lookbook that best describe the fashion trends in 2023.


"The ballet core off-duty look with Mary Jane shoes and the retro rebel look with a cool vintage color combo, the cap gives me major 70s vibes. The Y2K style with that striking blue knitwear is just so eye-catching! The loose cut of the gloves is super attractive too." 

If you want to incorporate Bebe's fashion sense and style her pick, check out here to shop for the looks.