Curated By: Chloe Mak

Curated By: Chloe Mak

The talented and young fashion stylist, Chloe Mak has been invited to our last interview. Chloe shares her journey of starting from a novice in the world of fashion to becoming a truly unique stylist. Also, she has imparted invaluable insights into our latest lookbook. If you share the same dream, this is an exceptional opportunity to gain a global perspective and learn how to achieve your goals by stepping out your comfort zone.


Stepping Out My Comfort Zone


"The transition from 2D to 3D was exciting to me, and I loved the idea of being on the move, attending fashion shows and working with clothes." 

While studying graphic design at Central Saint Martins, Chloe's flatmate who was studying fashion design became a source of inspiration to her, providing an opportunity to explore the world of fashion.


"The fashion industry in the UK also seemed very different and exciting compared to Hong Kong. I started as a fashion assistant and worked my way up to become a stylist." 

"Individuality is a crucial aspect of being a professional stylist, as it is something that comes naturally to us."


Immersed in the vibrant fashion culture of the UK, Chloe found herself inspired to cultivate a fashion sensibility that was uniquely her own.


"Our goal is not just to create something aesthetically pleasing, but also to help our models or clients feel satisfied and discover their true selves."

Through Chloe's immersion in the rich fashion culture of the UK, Chloe has gained valuable insights that have informed her fashion career. She remains true to her personal style and never forgets her original intention of being a stylist - to promote individuality.


"I also enjoy incorporating classic looks by using older items to add a timeless touch. This could complement their personal style and body shape." 

When collaborating with celebrities, Chloe helps them to discover their individuality, rather than simply chasing the latest trends. From her latest work on Instagram (Instagram@chloemakcm), Chloe has incorporated a variety of styles to ensure that they are able to express their own personal style. 


"I choose my favorite and most suitable trends of the season and incorporate them into my work, all while allowing my individuality and creativity to shine through."  

You can see Chloe's styling work on various celebrities including Jay Chow and Edison Chen, and even witness her impeccable sense of style shining on the international stage. Her diverse experiences have given her a broad perspective on the world.   


"The fur trend now in Hong Kong is what I heart a lot as my style is between classy and edgy. But personally, I still prefer genderless pieces and playful cuts.  For example, I believe that styling with a blazer and wide-leg pants never goes wrong."

Chloe loves to experiment with new styles and explore the limitless possibilities of fashion. You can see her latest creation featuring Femance's Calla In Black Croc. Be sure to check out her page for more styling inspiration! (Instagram@chloemakcm). 



"The key to avoiding mistakes is to step out of your comfort zone of styling and try new things through trial and error!"


Chloe has found out that people don’t observe or pay enough attention to themselves. As a result, she believes it is her responsibility to offer advice and guidance.

Through her personal blog, you can witness Chloe's vibrant personality shining through her own personal style  (Instagram@chloemakcm). Additionally, take a look at what she has to say about our lookbook, where you can find valuable advice to elevate your own style.


Chloe’s Pick at STORiES


"I spotted everything from sports glam to retro to minimalism, there's definitely something for everyone in this lookbook."


Are there any pieces from our shoot that you would personally like to have? Why?


"I fell in love with O.N.E ’s  canna bag in black, as its unique and cute shape would perfectly match my daily style. And I would love to wear the white tank top look from the Scandi Utility style.


Pick one outfit from the lookbook you would be excited to wear.


"Lately, I've been drawn to sports clothing with chic, detailed designs, so I was particularly drawn to the sports luxe section of the lookbook."


Pick three outfits from the lookbook that best describe the fashion trends in 2023.

If you want to incorporate Chloe's fashion sense and style her pick, check out here to shop for the looks.