Curated By: Yoyo Kwan

Curated By: Yoyo Kwan

To celebrate our lookbook release, we interview Yoyo Kwan, a Hong Kong-based fashion stylist, about her journey towards becoming a stylist, her creative process and personal style. Yoyo shares her insights on the importance of feeling confident and comfortable in what you wear, as well as her love for vintage fashion and mixing high and low fashion pieces. Join us as we delve into the world of fashion with Yoyo!


Becoming A Stylist

"I have always wanted to be in the fashion industry since I was growing up, when my mom would show me different fashion magazines."


Becoming a stylist can be a fulfilling career path for those who have a passion for fashion and creativity. For Yoyo Kwan, her journey towards becoming a stylist was influenced by the love and support of her mother. And that is Yoyo sharing a picture o her mom.


 "My work as a stylist has always reflects me as a person, it’s like my alter ego."


Yoyo Kwan frequently shares her daily work as a stylist on Instagram, providing valuable insights and tips for aspiring stylists. (Instagram@yoyokwan)



"I have always loved vintage stuff like the leather jacket from the SS23 collection, because the wash gives it a very worn and vintage look! And I’m so excited that the trend is back and people are starting to thrift and remaking it into something amazing!"


Yoyo has a strong passion for vintage fashion, one of her favorite vintage finds is a classic leather jacket which she incorporated into singer Kayan9896’s shooting outfit. She also thinks the vintage crack leather jacket from SIYAZU could become the perfect addition to any fashion-forward wardrobe.


"I love browsing different ideas around the world to see what others are doing, through Pinterest, Instagram etc. And I would incorporate those ideas into my work but add my own personal style or my clients character into it."



Yoyo’s daily outfits are a true reflection of her creative spirit. The outfits are stand out most about her style and her ability to mix and match different patterns, textures, and colors in a way that feels effortless and cohesive. (Instagram@yoyokwans)



Yoyo is a talented stylist who has worked with a variety of artists to help them find their perfect fit of clothing. You can find her work with Kayan9896 on her Instagram. (Instagram@yoyokwans)


In addition to creating stunning outfits, Yoyo has also noticed some common mistakes that people make when dressing themselves.    


"I think the common mistake is too into the trend rather than wearing something you feel confident and comfortable in. I think people look the best when they are wearing something that enhances their character and feel comfortable."


In addition to her fashion work, Yoyo shares daily styling on her Instagram. Whether she's mixing prints or playing with unexpected color combinations, Yoyo’s outfits always showcase her unique sense of style and impeccable taste. (Instagram@yoyokwans)


"I think mixing and matching different items is really important when it comes to creating a classic look while staying on trend! I always loved to mix and match high and low fashion like vintage items when trendy accessories. The key item that’s indispensable to me is always a pair of baggy denim jeans."



There is no limit to mixing and matching vintage and contemporary items. Follow Yoyo to stay updated on her work! (Instagram@yoyokwans)


Yoyo's Pick at STORiES


"I can see a lot of minimalism in the lookbook which I love. My favourite is retro rebel because there are some items that can be amazing layering pieces and I would be excited to wear the blazer and denim shorts look because I love a good blazer and the shorts gives it a casual vibe."


Pick three outfits from the lookbook that best describe the fashion trends in 2023. 


 "I would say the leather jacket look from sport luxe, the white dress look and blazer look from retro rebel. The leather jacket with sports wear look will be quite popular in Hong Kong!"


Pick one outfit from the lookbook that most closely matches your fashion style.


"Definitely the blazer look from retro rebel."


If you want to incorporate Yoyo's fashion sense and style her pick, check out here to shop for the looks.