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The Middle Studio

In a special collaboration with local Tufting Studio, The Middle Studio, they had the textile artisan create four stunningly exclusive pieces for the shoppers! A traditional textile weaving method with a modern twist using tufting gun, each rug is handmade, embracing STORiES minimalist color palette.

The Middle Studio is a creative studio run by Charmaine Da Costa from Hong Kong. Currently a full-time rugby player for the Hong Kong 7s team, she graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. To satisfy her need for an artistic outlet, alongside her athletic career, the studio was created as a playground for personal creative exploration. Always in the middle, jumping from idea to idea, she wants to do everything. She believes that anyone can create anything as long as you have a brain to come up with the idea, the tools to execute the idea, and the patience to finish the idea.

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