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Christmas Coffee x Nut Butter Pairing Set


(i) Old Fashioned Blend Drip Bag x Biscuits & Nuts

A rich and complex pairing that will dazzle your senses

How the Magic works: The classic medium dark roast Old Fashioned Blend has a smoky aroma and notes of caramel & maple syrup, with a buttery mouthfeel and complex cocoa flavour, its complexity and richness are simply astonishing.

When enjoyed with the incredibly rich and luscious Biscuits & Nuts together, the overall richness of flavour & texture of both the coffee & spread are magically enhanced that will excite your palate!

How to Enjoy: With a rich and satisfying all day breakfast - bacon, sausage, fried egg, a thick slice of toast…you can even add a dash of milk to the coffee!

(ii) Honduras Pacas Natural Drip Bag x PAC Butter

A comforting pairing that will sooth your senses

How the Magic works: The Honduras Pacas Natural is a single origin coffee with a light medium roast to amplify its Umeboshi & Barley Tea aroma. You can also taste the sweetness of its nutty flavour and round mouthfeel with naturally processed beans.

When enjoyed with our PAC Butter that is made of Pecans, Almonds & Cashews only, which is tremendously nutty with a hint of natural sweetness, the coffee & nut butter complement and elevate each other’s aroma & flavour, bringing an overall light and comforting pairing experience that will sooth your senses.

How to Enjoy: With a simple light meal to brighten up your day – a slice of sourdough, fruits or yogurt


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