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Mindful Calligraphy Workshop


Inspired by her frustration in learning to do calligraphy and paint, Jenny Kwok founded Sprink (SPRead the INK) in 2018 to empower students like herself to create freely.

Jenny is one of the most reputed calligraphers in Hong Kong with her signature workshops, teaching over 300 students to date. She also frequently collaborates with global luxury brands and has extended her services to wedding invitation and graphic design.

Combined with her literary background, Jenny's approach to art is greatly influenced by European culture and luxe aesthetics. She is now a full-time calligrapher and Ph.D candidate in English Literary Studies at the CUHK.

Workshop Brief
As female living in the modern society, we are often loaded with obligations and
social expectations that we hardly find time to nurture ourselves.

To raise awareness for female self-love and self-care, Flo Jewellery and Sprink Calligraphy Studio will be presenting a taster calligraphy workshop this October that encourages you to make time for yourself and indulge in a mindful, peaceful calligraphy session together. You will learn how to create a self-love quote and frame it as a self-reminder.

*When you sign up for the workshop, you are also supporting the cause of Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation as we donate 10% of the fee to the foundation.

Mindful Calligraphy for female self-care awareness
Workshop details
Time and Date:
Class A: October 24 (Sun) 6:30-8:00pm
Class B: October 27 (Wed) 7:00-8:30pm

Level: Beginners
Class capacity: 8/pax
Venue: LCX, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City

Class description: In this 1.5hr session, you will learn the basics of preparing calligraphy tools, how to write the foundational strokes of calligraphy and breathing technique. You will then choose your favourite quote and turn it into a calligraphy art piece that serves as a self-reminder

Fee: $520 for 1, $468 for 2 (includes full set of bring-it-home toolkit with wooden frame)

Instructor’s Bio
SPRINK 指 Spread the Ink,是一間本地書法藝術工作室,由書法家 Jenny Kwok 於2018年創立。
Jenny 以自己的挫敗經驗為靈感,開辦了一系列的西洋書法、水彩及藝術課程,把繁複的技巧提煉為 3-80 歲都能輕易了解的步驟,希望每一位曾經質疑自己能力的同學,都能夠重拾自信和對創作的熱愛,至今已教授超過300位學生。
Sprink現已成為香港最有名的書法工作室之一,並多次和國際品牌 (包括Mercedes-Benz及 Hermès等)合作。
Workshop Brief

本地精品珠寶品牌 Flo Jewellery 一向關注女性身心靈議題,今次聯同本地知名書法家 Jenny Kwok舉行一連兩場的靜心書西遊書法班,希望在 1.5小時的工作坊中,大家能夠在一呼一吸之間慢下步伐,靜靜地聆聽自己的內心。

Class A: 24/10 (Sun) 6:30pm - 8pm
Class B: 27/10 (Wed) 7pm - 8:30pm

每班人數: 8人
書法班內容: 同學將會學到西洋書法工具的預備和使用方法、如何書寫基本書法筆劃、練習短句,最後揀選喜歡的字句,在導師指導下完成書法作品一幅
費用: $520/位,二人同行每位 $468

*費用 10% 將捐予癌症基金會

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