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x.Gyroscope - Perfume Workshop






另外,是次與STORIES合辨的工作坊會提供期間限定的特選香水原料,包括但不限于: 蜜糖、海橡苔、雲尼拿、海鹽等。

x.Gyrosocpe DIY perfume workshop will provide not less then 25 types of perfume raw materials for you to create your own unique perfume. Under the guidance of our tutor, participants can create a bottle of 50ml perfume. This bottle of perfume is a great idea for you to share the happiness with your loved ones.

At the end of the workshop, we will provide a mini gift cotton bag. This will be a fabulous gift for you and your friends.

We will provide some exclusive materials for this exclusive workshop. For example oakmoss, honey, vanilla, sea salt, etc.

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