Daisy Birth Flower Pendant In April


Daisy, April

The flowing lines of Daisy is the symbol that denotes the month of April. Perfect for those embarking on a new adventure, the daisy flower represents purity, innocence, and fresh beginnings. Those born in this month are trustworthy, kind, and will lighten the room with their loving personality.

Birth Flower Pendant Necklace
Celebrate your unique character with our Birth Flower Collection. This perfectly polished birth flower pendant hangs delicately on our fine selection of gold-filled chain necklaces. Pair this pendant with our Moissanite April Birth Charm for a special sparkly touch. This 14k gold pendant necklace is a meaningful piece for remembering loved ones or special moments in life and is the perfect gift for your loved ones to feel connected to you. Each pendant necklace comes packaged with a beautifully illustrated card by the artist.

About the Collection

The Birth Flower Collection is an extraordinary collaboration with Canadian botanical artist Ella Do. Each pendant is meticulously crafted featuring twelve signature petite blooms illustrated and handpainted by the artist.

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