Naked Dance Extrait de Parfum (50ml)


Liberty to be one’s true self when no one is watching. Naked Dance is an olfactory impression of our lives at home, where we jazz through space filled with our attachments, memories and comforts in bliss of intimate liberty to be ourselves. It is warm, sensual perfume with milky, woody and powdery notes that live as a second skin.

It is long lasting extrait de perfume, made with highest quality ingredients. With dosen of rare natural oils (such as orange blossom, bergamot, iris, Turkish rose, sandalwood, vetiver, guiacawood, incense) in harmony with safe chemistry. Due to naturals it beautifully changing over the time, and has different undertone on different skin.

Inspiration: Home

Colour: Beige

Impression no.1 Warm, intimate, comforting, sun warmed skin.

Impression no.2 Oil paintings, temple dust, drying lily and wood.

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