Atelier By STORiES

Atelier By STORiES

Prepare your SAYE sneakers and let your creative juices soar at Atelier By STORiES. This month, you can experience the traditional Japanese dyeing technique and the art of natural distressing to make your SAYE sneakers one-of-a-kind. Discover more ways to customize your very own sneakers by our highlight events! 


The Traditional Art Of Japan 


By using Sashiko stitching, unique vintage fabrics are patched onto certain parts of the sneakers. Alternatively, the sneakers can be dyed as a whole in the natural indigo dye, preserving the original streetwear and trendy appearance.


The upcycled Boro patchwork and Sashiko stitching are the two important techniques that have become the key to the artistry of handcraft, profound knowledge, and patience. Making the sneakers more special and rare.


SPECIAL Indigo Edition With M.ATO


"We use natural indigo dye made from plant indigofera for fermentation. Our dye vat is prepared with ingredients like lime, acidic fruits, and wood ash. Each handmade sneakers have the energy of the earth."

Our local label M.ATO has brought together Japan's centuries-old traditional arts of natural shibori indigo dyeing and sashiko stitching. They have been carefully selected the best quality of boro, and patch them on the SAYE sneakers. Every patter of boro is unique, the antique charm is making it a totally art piece.


Rit Hand Dye


Or else, you can opt for our hand-dyed art using Rit from America or natural coffee bean dye.  It's non-toxic and it comes with a fixative that makes the color stay for a long time.


By dip dyeing the entire pair of SAYE sneakers, it creates a gradient effect starting from the sole, and every part of the sneaker is equally dyed. 

With the handmade process, it can transform your SAYE sneakers into a more surprising and trendy sneaker choice, they are vintage and unique!




Try out our exclusive monogramming for your SAYE sneakers. Choose your favorite words or patterns and add your personal signature to make your beloved shoes truly one-of-a-kind.


Custom Shoelaces


Don't forget that your shoelaces are a crucial element for showcasing your personal style too. Bring your own pair of SAYE sneakers and enjoy our special curation of shoelaces. Or you can shop your first pair in-store and customize them with your favorite colour. 

Play with your SAYE sneakers in our Atelier to discover more fun ways to make them unique and special, join us in-store from today to the 5th October and proudly show off your personality. Click here now to make your own rare, special and delicate  SAYE sneakers.