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Welcome Sarah Lam, Style Director from Manifesto Magazine to our third interview. With her upbringing in a fashion-inspiring environment, she has a wealth of experiences worth sharing with us. Let's hear about her aspirations in the fashion industry and her thoughts on our new lookbook release.


Sarah’s Aspiration


While studying fashion design, Sarah developed a keen interest in styling after reading the works of the late editor of Vogue Italia — Franca Sozzani.


"Franca Sozzani pushed the envelope in the fashion industry with the release of increasingly provocative issues, including topics such as environmental tragedy and domestic violence, which are truly inspiring."


 Sozzani's bold approach to fashion has inspired Sarah to become an aspiring journalist and stylist. Then she became more ambitious in creating images than designing a garment. And now she has become a notable magazine Editor and Stylist, consistently generating innovative and imaginative concepts.


"I see myself as a creative, rather than just a stylist. I use the medium of fashion to experiment with dressing the human body, allowing it to speak for itself as a language."

During her journey as a creative stylist, Sarah honed her craft and language to develop a classic and contemporary element, resulting in a timeless sensibility that has given her the acuity to recognize every new trend in the industry. You can see examples of her own styling on Instagram. (Instagram@sarahlam___) 


"One of the key trends straight off from the fall-winter 2023 runway was Reductionism. Designers looked back at the fundamentals of dressing and introduced longline and relaxed silhouettes in outerwear pieces."


Sarah has also identified a new trend known as "understated luxurious dressing". You can see her working journey as a stylist on Instagram. (Instagram@sarahlam___)


"Many fashion houses have introduced redefined tailoring pieces that exude a sense of subtleness and sophistication, with earthy and monochrome tones dominating the color palettes on the runway."



Sarah has a passion for revisiting archive runway imagery and magazines, drawing inspiration from the past and making it her own in her creative work.



"I'm passionate about styling, and it's also my profession. I like to create new looks with the quality, timeless pieces that already exist in my wardrobe. Those are some investment pieces that last for a lifetime."



Sarah's passion and persistence in the fashion industry have made her nimble in discovering today's fashion trends, offering a unique insight that she can share with you. For a glimpse of her styling expertise, you can head over to her Instagram. (Instagram@sarahlam___


"You can be experimental with your style and don’t have to dress like your peers. It’s more about having the awareness that the look you opt for is reflecting your age."


Sarah possesses a unique perspective on styling and photography, and her work exudes a timeless and distinctive quality. As a role model for standing out with personal style and confidence, she sets an exceptional example.


Photograph works credit to - Eponine Huang, Issac Lam, Paul Phung, and Yunghua Chen. 


Sarah’s Pick at STORiES


"My personal favourite from the lookbook is the idea of dressing oversized and seeing femininity and masculinity in juxtaposition with each other."


Are there any pieces from our shoot that you would personally like to have? 


"The Volume Balmacaan Trench from Nothing Written is perfect for the transitional season in Hong Kong, in particular the rainy days, whilst the boy boxy shirt from ORR is their signature that the quality of the fabric is impeccable!"


Pick one outfit from the lookbook that you think will become the next fashion trend in Hong Kong.


"I think the idea of multiple jersey layering from the 2000s’ is having a revival. And with the weather in Hong Kong, summertime could easily get heated up in extreme temperatures, so dressing comfortably is really crucial."


Pick three outfits from the lookbook that best describe the fashion trends in 2023. 


If you want to incorporate Sarah's fashion sense and style her pick, check out here to shop for the looks.

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