The Prospects of Two Sisters: MNK Atelier's Chic Debut

The Prospects of Two Sisters: MNK Atelier's Chic Debut

Have you ever thought about slowing down fast fashion and instead enjoying timeless pieces over fleeting trends? STORiES is introducing you to MNK Atelier from Australia. The founder, Milly and Kobe, prioritize sustainability in their collection, using organic fabrics and recycled materials sourced from Japan. Let’s explore how the brand incorporates ethical practices in the fashion industry and hear from the founders themselves about their perspective on the brand.


MNK = Modern, Nostalgic, Kind 


MNK Atelier's sophisticated designs are represented by three key elements, which are infused with inspiration from travel, interior design, museums, art, and architecture. All of the work is carried out by the two amazing sisters —Milly and Kobe.


"We have the same goal, to do more good for the planet and incorporate more sustainable elements and give back to our community"


Although the sisters each manage different areas of the brand, they share a strong aim to achieve both sustainability and timelessness.


"We specialize in different areas of the business. For example, I am responsible for design and production, while Milly is responsible for finance and business."


Although it takes time to educate customers to invest in a sustainable yet luxurious new brand, the two sisters have persevered through the challenges, each taking on different roles within the brand.


"Sourcing both sustainable and high-quality fabrics is not easy, especially since we curate limited production runs, which means a higher cost per unit. This makes it harder to find quality partners to produce our clothing."


The two sisters strive to make their brand as sustainable as possible, constantly seeking to improve.


Sustainable does not mean boring


Milly and Kobe have introduced new ways to discover sustainable fashion that can be both fun for your style and help the planet take a big step forward.


"For our debut collection, we have exclusively used natural fibers, opted for organic options, and minimized the use of virgin polyester and plastic materials by choosing 100% recycled poly."


"Moving forward, we will continue to focus on natural, high-quality materials and incorporate more recycled elements into our garments."


The two sisters want you to remember MNK Atelier as effortlessly chic yet kind to the planet and most importantly, the brand messaging is to achieve both sustainable and timeless, sustainable does not mean boring. Instead, they have prepared different styles for your fashion choices.


Milly and Kobe's Picks:


For a style that is suitable for both work and off-duty, you can choose from tailored pants and tailored shorts to experience comfortable and lightweight.


"This piece is made from a blend of Washi (Japanese paper) and organic cotton, providing a seamless transition from work to off-duty, from day to night. Most importantly, it is well-suited for the humid weather in Hong Kong."


If you are seeking everyday wear, go for the Nonchalant Shirt or the Cross Cami.


"They are breathable, oversized, and go well with everything!"


The two sisters have carefully selected pieces that are particularly well-suited for Hong Kong customers who want to incorporate sustainability into their personal style. They also share style tips that you can incorporate into your daily fashion and become more mindful of your clothing choices.


Buying Quality Over Quantity


"Buy classics, timeless style versus trend base, or you can donate or swap with friends when the clothing you wear is no longer suiting yourself."


The key is to come with a mindset to choose something high quality and would last a long time in the wardrobe and easy to match with your existing pieces.


"And yea, most importantly, follow washing instruction and know how to care for the garment."




Do you have any future plans that incorporate sustainability into other new collections?


"At the moment we are focusing on clothing first, but definitely we would love to develop different choices in the future. At this stage, we want to get more people to know our brand so we can influence our customers to make conscious choices."


Do you have any expectation in the future?


"Being an online brand, customers would not understand the quality until they touch it in store, hence we are excited to be stocking here in STORiES!"

If you are looking for investment-worthy capsule pieces, don't hesitate to click here and explore MNK Atelier and support sustainable fashion today.