Meet the Mom Founder: An Chen Of Studio Doe

Meet the Mom Founder: An Chen Of Studio Doe

Get ready to dive into the world of Taiwan minimalism as we proudly welcome the collaboration with Studio Doe in STORiES! In this piece, we scrabble about the visionary founder — An Chen's inspiring story, exploring how she overcame challenges while building Studio Doe and balancing motherhood. Join us in celebrating Mother's Day with An Chen as we uncover her journey and top picks in Studio Doe!



From Fashion Blogger To Brand Founder


"I prefer visual images over text and often visit exhibitions and galleries for leisure and entertainment. These experiences have nurtured my sense of beauty since a young age."




For those curious about An Chen's artistic background, it is worth noting that her family has a rich tradition in photography and art, and her love for painting and photography from a young age could be a constant source of inspiration too.


"During my student days, I tried many different styles and eventually found that my favorite and most comfortable look was a mix of chic and feminine with a little clash" 




Her experiences as a fashion blogger motivated her to establish Studio Doe and develop its unique identity, setting it apart from other brands in the industry.



The Journey May Be Arduous, But The Destination Is A Reward In Itself


Although you may know An Chen as a fashion blogger, you might not be aware of the challenges she faced in the early days of founding Studio Doe.


"The connection between the brand and me as a fashion blogger was too much. Every move and action would be discussed and amplified. Although the attention could make the brand visible, it could also easily affect the efforts of every part of the company."



In the early days, An Chen's transition from fashion blogger to brand founder presented her with the challenge of balancing leadership responsibilities and collaboration with her team.


"I need to be very cautious and thoughtful in making decisions of any size during the operation. So I'm grateful to my teammates who helped us transition from a personal brand to a corporate operation. This is really not easy at all!" 

Despite facing pain and challenges, An Chen found the strength to move forward and grow as a founder. Her dedication to improving herself and Studio Doe reflects her unwavering commitment to the brand and her team.



Unveiling Myself At Studio Doe


"Our style is more introverted, paying attention to details from the source of design is very important, and the texture of minimalist style is formed by stacking various exquisite details." 


An Chen is passionate about helping consumers make better shopping decisions. She always considers potential challenges that may arise when wearing their products and designs solutions accordingly. 


"I often joke that I can write a thesis about a seemingly simple pair of jeans, if I introduce its characteristic details seriously!"



"In my impression, Hong Kong's dressing style is bold and distinctive with black being a common color choice. To cater to this vibe, I have selected trendy pieces for our Hong Kong customers."


See An Chen’s picks in our collaboration:


"I have specially selected the Gender Free Oversized-Fit Blazer for Hong Kong customers. Not only does it have a casual vibe suitable for their fashion style, but it also gives a very energetic and lively feeling when worn!"

The oversized silhouette of the blazer creates a laid-back feel with a notched lapel and two buttons in the lower part, while the gender-neutral design makes it a versatile everyday piece.


"The High-Waisted Pleated Skirt has personality while retaining femininity, and also has obvious design details. Even if wearing all black, it is not boring. Most importantly, this is a popular and trendy piece among Taiwanese too."

The widened invisible elastic waistband has created a smooth and flat visual effect on the waist, while the pleats of the skirt spreading out from the low waist have definitely added a natural and casual feeling.



Becoming A Mom: Best of Both Worlds


While An Chen successfully gave birth to her two little cuties last year, she has to bear the challenges of being both a mother and a brand founder.



"Before becoming a mother, I used to be carefree and optimistic. However, I find myself worrying more about my children and Studio Doe." 


As a mother, An Chen's time has become more fragmented, with increased responsibilities on both sides.


"I tend to avoid metal zippers or sweaters in my clothing choices to prevent the baby from feeling uncomfortable. After becoming a mother, the proportion of leisure wear has also increased when going out with my child."


Motherhood doesn't require An Chen to sacrifice any part of herself. Instead, it has brought many happy moments to her life.


"Seeing their cute smiles and hearing their joyful laughter is truly the purest happiness in the world. There's nothing more precious than that!"


"I feel fortunate that my husband is an amazing teammate both at home and work. This Mother's Day, we plan to celebrate by taking our children to our favorite Italian restaurant and snapping a family photo to cherish the memories!"


An Chen's story is an inspiration to every mother who juggles the demands of parenting and work. Her advice not only provides fashion tips but also comfort and reassurance. Lastly, let's explore An Chen's suggestions for modern mothers.


"As a mom, I recommend wide-leg pants with a clean color top to flatter the lower body after giving birth. Ankle-length dresses that are not too tight but still appear narrow are also a comfortable option for busy moms on the go."



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