When it comes to office attire, are you thinking of the usual suspects: suit trousers, shirts, pencil skirts, and blazers?

Think again. Our 2024 work dress code is setting a new standard in workwear, transforming it into a bold style statement, backed by an unwavering commitment to quality and function.


Look 1: Classic with a Twist

Elevate your look with a workwear cornerstone: the blazer. This formal jacket, when teamed with a tank top and a stylish denim skirt, reimagines the traditional blazer and skirt combo. The incorporation of fabrics like denim and cotton infuses a fashionable edge into the professional look.

Ideal for: Meetings, Events, Company lunches

 Featuring: Octette Herringbone Stripe Jacket, Glowny Girlfriend Tank Top, LVIR Panel Washed Denim Skirt, Atelier de lumen Lune Forme, and Old Hands Carved Jane Signature Loafer


Look 2: Knits and Denim

Denim stands the test of time and versatility. These wide, plush, and comfortable denim jeans can be styled in numerous ways. Paired with knitwear, they define the perfect equilibrium between casual and intellectual.

Ideal for: Daily office wear, Date nights

Featuring: LVIR Ribbed See-through Color Block Pullover, LVIR One Shoulder Wrinkle Denim Bustier, WMM Over Wide Jeans, OSOI Hobo Brocle


Look 3: Leather Elegance

Leather is the ultimate transitional piece, effortlessly elevating your everyday look. A leather blazer, a basic cotton tee, and a charming mini pleated skirt create an impeccable blend of edginess and sweetness. Complete the look with a pair of chunky boots.

Ideal for: Fashion events, Friday nights out

Featuring: WMM Vegan Leather RP Jacket, Octette Daily Organic Cotton, Glowny Girlfriend Ruffle Mini Skirt, Atelier de lumen Base Tote Bag


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