STORiES SS24 Trend Forecast

STORiES SS24 Trend Forecast

Let's celebrate the new year and let the show begin with new and cool looks. Scroll ahead with the ribbon, the peach fuzz color, dirty fit, power dressing and crop cut design. Expand your fashion spirit with the most significant and up-to-date trends to make your best in 2024!


1.The Ribbon

You might have already spotted this, but ribbons are everywhere in the fashion world. Along with the ballet core trending this year, alone with the ribbons and bows to extend the trend and become more girly.


"It is an unstoppable trend that is tying everywhere."


Bows can be found adorning both clothing and accessories, making them more present than ever before. They provide a way to express your femininity and forest to be a big trend next spring. Discover the trend now before it becomes mainstream culture.


2.The Peach Fuzz Color 

Welcoming the color of 2024 — Peach Fuzz and discover ways to wear Pantone. The vibe is appealing peach hue softly nestled between baby pink and beige, it is a mood that conjuring up an air of calm.


"It is the explanation of soft power and it is trans-seasonal."


The tone is quite luxurious and has many different sides to interpret in fashion, whether it's sexy, maiden-like, or youthful. And now the trendiest color has already popped up in sweater, skirts and more items. 


3.Dirty Fit

Combined with the new vintage style and gorpcore, fashion is becoming more diverse and expressive. The highlight of the dirty fit is the dirt paint graphic with a retro aesthetic, along with ripped and distressed details. 


“Think ripped, characterized, but in a more girly way.”


The trend is turning from the clean fit style but the designers are now letting you the imperfections and an arrogant attitude in your new year. Remember, you don't need to be in the same color tone, it can be graffiti, colorful, and free!


4.Power Dressing 

You might not feel inclined to wear a blazer or shirt as they can be too formal or conspicuous for a casual day. However, this is how you become the attention on the street or the appearance of office attire in 2024.


"It is about wearing what makes you feel your strongest, best, and most confident self."


Many designer brands have captured the essence of feminine power in clothing, making it easier and more exclusive for women. Check out the shoulder pads and body line cutting, It is now not only for the men but you can be a cool-girl androgyny.


5.Crop Cut Design 

The dominance of oversized clothing is dozing off in the fashion world, and now being replaced by the crop cut trend. This trend embraces a more daring and empowered aesthetic as we enter 2024, and it can be found in various styles.  

"A casual yet edgy ensemble for any style."


The crop cut can be showcased in various ways. While you may have seen the basic Bally crop top, in 2024, you can expect to see it cropped with irregular line cutting or incorporated into a wider range of clothing items.


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