Weekly Reset: Ep 1 Running Errands With Sue

Weekly Reset: Ep 1 Running Errands With Sue

Welcome to the first edition of our "Weekly Reset" series!

After a long week filled with a hectic schedule and stress, it's time to unwind and tackle the pile of errands waiting for you during the weekend. Join Sue as she prepares comfortable yet stylish outfits to enhance your mood while running errands.


This series is about catching up with your life and recharge yourself to make the week ahead as easy as possible.


Living in a city for an extended period can make us overlook the contrasting beauty it offers. Follow Sue as she takes you on a journey to rediscover the hidden gems of Hong Kong. Get ready to explore and experience the vibrant side of this bustling city that you may have missed.


During her day, while satisfying her cake craving, Sue makes a stop at @butter_hk, a hidden gem tucked away in Soho Central, Hong Kong.


The café's ambiance harmoniously complements the color palette of her outfit. By skillfully combining two shades of brown, Sue creates a "Maillard styled" look that infuses the essence of fall into the city with her breathtaking ensemble.



Sue's fashion sense shines as she effortlessly combines an oversized tailored blazer jacket with a workout set, achieving the coveted “Athflow” aesthetic. 


Athflow, a fusion of "Athleisure" and "Flow," represents the intersection of comfort and elegance. She flawlessly showcases western street fashion with a local twist.


Featuring the Oversized Tailored Jacket from RRACE, RAYE Bra Top and Body Biker Shorts from Annibody,  Base Barrel Bag from Atelier de Lumen, Renee Gypsy White Stackable Gold Ring, Meline Ring and Alexa Hoop Earrings from Sachelle Collective, MYA Thick Necklace from JANI Jewelry.




Join us on this journey of rediscovery and style inspiration as Sue navigates the city, reawakening our appreciation for its hidden gems. Follow her lead and elevate your errand outfits with comfort and style.

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