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Why She Will Receive the Best Gift Of The Year

Choosing the perfect gift doesn't have to be complicated when you have the right guide. Whether you're surprising your partner, bestie, family, or coworkers, simply follow our friendly guide to select a gift that matches their unique personality and fashion taste. We guarantee that these gifts will be the most memorable ones they've ever received!

The Practical Girl

She's always right - smart, tidy, and clear-minded. She guides the gang with a minimalist approach to life. A premium merino wool sweater in her favorite color, black, will be perfect. The Oddity perfume from France and an extra-large boucle muffler will complement her style. If you want to surprise her, the Lemels hobo bag is a timeless investment piece. For a budget present, the Salt & Stone hand cream with its lustrous quality and beautiful packaging is a great choice.


The Athletic Girl

She's constantly on the move. She's fun, full of energy, and always speaks from her heart. She's a social butterfly, and her laughter is infectious. If you know someone like her, she'll absolutely adore the EVA Runner we've chosen. The Femance Bag with an adjustable strap, baseball cap, and AHC cream sweater will create a fantastic outfit to complement her active lifestyle. And to top it off, include the organic deodorant from Salt & Stone to help her perspire in style. Viola! You know she'll be impressed.

(Image Courtesy: Aim Higher Club)

The Cute Girl

She absolutely adores winter - it's her favorite season because she gets to wear all those adorable and cozy accessories. She has so much fun playing with different colors and creating stylish outfits. She's even fearless when it comes to wearing mini skirts in the chilly weather, just to achieve her ultimate dream look. Just picture her wearing the adorable pink sweater and pompom beanie from Depound. And if you're not sure about gifting clothes, you can always surprise her with our best-selling Alpaca Plush Toy from Peru, guaranteed to bring a big smile to her face!




The Adventurous Girl

She has an amazing eye for spotting new trends. She has big dreams of traveling to exotic places and playing the most thrilling sports. She embraces new challenges without fear. Surprise her with the Glowny fur jacket, and she will absolutely adore its bold and playful style! As for bags, the fantine bag in yellow would be a perfect choice. Don't forget to include a pair of knit gloves in her favorite color. She is adventurous and open to trying new fabrics, so the OHC suede loafers will give her wardrobe a retro touch. Lastly, if she enjoys a warm cup of coffee, consider gifting her a special mug set.


The Gentle Girl

She is a quiet and well-mannered individual, always observing her surroundings. She knows how to appreciate life in her own unique way. She likes to enjoy a movie or a book by herself, and pondering about life and her dreams. She would absolutely adore the pearl earrings from monojewelry and a cozy Nordic sweater to celebrate the holidays in her own subtle manner. Instead of shoes, consider gifting her a finely crafted leather belt or a pebble bag to complement her versatile style. And to truly surprise her, the beanie griptok would make a perfect gift.


The Cool Girl

Leather jacket is the cool girl uniform - pick from our exclusive Siyazu leather jacket collection for a variety of cuts and colors she'll love. When it comes to accessories, feel free to make a statement. We adore the depound earmuffs and OLLU bioacetate sunglasses. Spice things up with the always-in-demand OSOI hobo brocle bag and the newly released EVA Boots from Both Paris. Don't forget about cute keyrings - the benny keyring is a must-have that she won't want to part with!



The STORiES Girl

Are you the STORiES Girl? We want to show you how much we know you - the STORiES girl loves neutral and timeless design with delicate details. If she only wants to shop one sweater this season, it will be the wool cable knit sweater from Siyazu. It’s warm enough yet cropped at the right length to pair with any bottoms she already owns. She is eyeing on the Atelier de Lumen Clef Bag, get her that and you will thank us later. When she has a bad hair day, she loves a handknitted hat to tone it down. Nice outfits get her through the day. And her everyday sneakers? Definitely the SAYE Modelo '89!

Dear all STORiES Girls, thank you for your support over the years! We hope you enjoy the 2023 gift guide as much as we do. We wish you all a holiday season full of joy and love.

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