Replicating Hailey Bieber’s Outfits With SUE WAI

Replicating Hailey Bieber’s Outfits With SUE WAI

What happens when a fashion icon meets another fashion icon? Check out how Sue Wai has replicated Hailey Bieber's iconic styling with our latest fashion items. Explore the style from our supermodel that you can achieve in Hong Kong.


Bring Back The 90s With All Black 

 Never is Hailey Bieber when you left a leather jacket and leather skirt. Transform her aesthetic into a movie star from a 90s Hong Kong film, exuding an all-black fashion . Don't forget to wear sunglasses to shield yourself from the flashlights.

Featuring the Loose Fit Faux Leather Jumper In Brown from Siyazu, V Neck Slim Knit Cardigan In Black from DIAGONAL, Belted Brocle In Black from OSOI and Jane Signature Loafer In Onyx from Old Hands Carved.


Coveted Street Chic 

Casual like Hailey is the key to recharge yourself as you explore. Step out of your office now and slip into a pair of baggy jeans to make you feel comfortable as you stroll through the streets.  


The Knock-Out Winter Outfit 

Hailey Bieber has her A+ fall outfit formulas with the all pleated outfit style and everything in oversized. Make it moodier with a floor-length coat and a white shoulder bag, you'll be ready to conquer the cold weather.


Model-off-duty Style

While you watch Hailey Bieber on the runway, watch Hailey Bieber off the runway. This combination is always attainable, allowing you to unleash your inner supermodel. 

Featuring the Faux Leather Oversized Half Jacket In Brown from Siyazu, Straight-leg Trousers In Beige from ORR, Ribbed Cropped Whisper Cardigan from ALO Yoga and All Rounder Black from ALOHAS.


Ooze out casual coolness 

This Hailey Bieber outfit has become an inspiration on Instagram and TikTok for her reliability and attainability. Learn from her outfit and upper the glow with a specially crafted vintage leather jacket.

Featuring the Vintage Crack Leather Jacket In Black from Siyazu and Cropped Prestige Polo In White from ALO Yoga.


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